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Pop-Pop Hurray! Is a premium gourmet popcorn company providing a fun new twist to a snack that everyone loves. Offering bold new flavors like banana pudding, cookies n’ cream, spicy buffalo, caramel apple, and more - we are truly bringing flavor and fun to Popcorn! 


As a proud gourmet popcorn lover, our CEO and founder Tony Davis has traveled all over the country visiting various popcorn shops and trying hundreds of different types of popcorn. Although many were delicious, he noticed most lacked flavor options and offered very little in the form of customer experience, so he decided to change that! He had the idea to combine delicious gourmet popcorn with the topping customization options of an ice cream shop, and from there Pop-Pop Hurray! was born!

Pop-Pop Hurray! is more than just a popcorn shop, it’s an experience. A place where all of your popcorn dreams can come true! Starting with our over 50 flavors of delicious freshly popped popcorn and our wide variety of Add-Ons and Topping options, you can customize your popcorn just the way you like it!


The flavor combinations and topping possibilities are endless.


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Our Name was inspired by the phrase “Hip Hip Hooray,” a cheer called out to express congratulation toward someone or something. Our name was also inspired by the 90’s hip hop song “Hip-Hop Hooray,” a fun celebratory anthem by hip-hop group Naughty by Nature. When thinking of our brand name, we wanted it to represent fun and excitement, so adding a little popcorn humor, “Pop Pop Hurray” was born.

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